30 minute back, neck & shoulder massage £35
60 minute full body massage £65
Head & shoulder massage £40

Mum To Be Full Body Massage 60 Minutes £70

A tailor made massage to treat mum to be (Only available after 1st trimester).

Thermabliss Hot Stone Back Massage £45
Thermabliss Hot Stone Full Body Massage £75

The indulgent treatment begins with a hot mitt foot cleanse before warm massage oil is smoothed all over the skin. Pressure and heat from heavy stones then work to soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and help you to unwind.

30 Minute LAVA SHELL Back Massage £45
60 Minute LAVA SHELL Full Body Massage £75

The massage begins with a hot mitt foot cleanse before warm massage oil is smoothed all over your skin. Let heat from tiger-striped clam shells along with the deep tissue pressure point massage ease away muscle tension - a touch of

60 Minute LAVA SHELL Glacial Massage £70

Like the LAVA SHELL massage only incorporating a cooling glacier shell. Long flowing movements help boost the lymphatic system, reduce water retention and bloating.

Add Back Exfoliation To Any Massage £10

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Sothys Body Rituals

Hanakasumi Body Ritual 75 Minutes £75

A unique Japanese inspired cherry blossom full body exfoliation using exfoliating gloves. The body is then massaged with warm shea butter & cherry blossom essence, followed by foot massage. The mind is cleared and skin is softer, more nourished and delicately perfumed.

Warming Oriental Body Ritual 75 Minutes £75

An exceptional oriental inspired spa treatment.An unctuous enzymatic gel prepares the body for exfoliation, then a massage using a scrubbing terracotta stone inspired from traditional oriental techniques works to buff and soothe. A unique escaping moment with aromatic notes of myrrh and amber which leaves an unforgettable memory as you take the exfoliating stone home with you.

KLUB Seasonal Body Treatment 1 Hour £70

Our seasonal treatment incased in oil or butter used for a deep relaxing massage, following after a back exfoliation.

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G5 Massage

G5 Massage is a mechanical treatment that goes much deeper than the therapist can. Different heads are used to mimic different massage techniques. G5 is excellent for toning, increased circulation , aiding the breakdown of fatty deposits and cellulite, whilst relaxing tense muscles. The treatment also leaves the skin smooth softer and brighter.

TENSION Muscel Release 30 Minutes £45

Precisely tailored to each client , this treatment starts by the application of power to aid a deeper massage. Different heads are used to mimic massage techniques, followed by the therapists hands to loosen tense muscles.

Silhouette & Contour Redefining Treatment

The treatment includes an enhancing body exfoliation working with the G5 massage to smooth & firm the silhouette. Vigorous massage techniques & customised body serums tackle aging & fatty tissues, redefining the body contours - efficiently targeting all types of cellulite and protecting body youth.

30 minutes target area £45
Full body contouring £85

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